Reliability Discretion Expertise

Defending your rights

Law Firm Switzerland specializes in advising and representing private individuals and enterprises with Swiss and international interests. We are based in the Federal Capital, the political heart of Switzerland. Backed by outstanding professional expertise and a wide network of contacts, we provide a focussed and efficient service for our clients. Individual client care includes legal advice and opinions and also representation in the courts. However, out-of-court settlements are one of our strengths.

Reliability and trust

The cornerstones

Mutual trust typifies the relationship with our clients. Trust is earned by hard work. The emphasis of our work is not placed on the journey but rather on the destination, i.e. the creation of genuine added value for our clients. We solve problems. We do not simply manage them.


To protect your privacy

Our clients maintain very close personal relations with us. We always designate a contact person on whom you can confidently rely. Legal services and procedures needed by you are provided and coordinated by us both nationally and internationally.


Specialized knowledge and a network of contacts

Professional expertise, an international network of contacts and creativity are united to achieve our clients' objectives. Our professional focus is placed on the implementation of your projects, drawing upon the relevant network of contacts. We communicate in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.