Specialized knowledge and a network of contacts

We advise our clients on both private and business matters. We give them the benefit of comprehensive legal advice. We do not simply endeavour to find viable solutions to complex legal problems; we also aim to achieve our clients' personal and economic objectives on a sustainable basis.

As an international corporate law office, we specialize in briefs which require multilingual capability and a network of contacts abroad.

Private persons and tax matters

We concentrate on your interests as a private person and the quality of your life. We reconcile your individual situation with your personal wishes. We coordinate your international, national and intercantonal tax matters. Clients benefit from our extensive experience of international tax planning when complex circumstances are involved.

Family and inheritance law

Detailed, confidential and comprehensive advice on family and inheritance law matters is a long-standing tradition of our firm. We have the necessary experience to manage and safeguard big family fortunes internationally for future generations. We help you with legal issues concerning marriage, civil partnerships, child and adoption law. On the inheritance law side, we support you with the drafting of a will or the conclusion of an inheritance agreement, the incorporation of a foundation or a trust, management of an estate, execution of a will and representation in potential inheritance proceedings.

Foundations and trusts

Our clients often wish to dedicate a part of their assets to specific aims over a time scale of more than one generation. A foundation is the classical instrument for this purpose. However, the trust is an instrument which frequently offers more flexible solutions that are more attractive fiscally. We advise you on setting up and structuring foundations and trusts. More specifically, we take care of the management and administration of trusts from our base in Switzerland, i.e. close to the parties involved. We do not believe that legally questionable arrangements have any real future.


We have extensive experience in the field of art and provide all-round solutions for clients who possess large art collections. Quite apart from issues of tax law, customs regulations, inheritance and trust law and technical insurance issues, we also take care of the administration, storage, loans and maintenance of big art collections. We have the infrastructure needed to enable all essential services to be provided from a single source.

Companies and tax matters

One key condition for the success of your business is that it must be established on a rock-solid base. Legal safeguards at both national and international level are vital here. We give you tactical and strategic advice with a prudent and far-sighted approach. We deliver solutions rather than lengthy memorandums. We assist you expertly in all areas of corporate and tax law. Our advice begins with the incorporation or purchase of an enterprise and continues until it is sold again or the time comes to make succession arrangements. We assist you with negotiations, drafting of contracts, restructuring operations, protection of intellectual property and rationalization plans. Here, fiscal optimization is always a central factor.


In your business and private life, contracts are essential to achieve your goals. Good contracts do not necessarily have to be long and complicated, but they must stand the test of any dispute. We accompany our clients in legal matters and also give them strategic and tactical advice in contract negotiations.

On the business side, we support you for example with the drafting of shareholders agreements, contracts of employment, general terms and conditions of business, purchase and distribution contracts, licence contracts etc. In your private sphere we draw up marital and inheritance agreements as official deeds. In connection with real estate transactions, we work with you to draw up purchase contracts, establish apartment property regulations, easement agreements, demarcation of plots of land, rental agreements and so on. These documents can always be drawn up as notarial deeds.

Legal proceedings

Situations sometimes arise in which court proceedings cannot be avoided. We assess the legal situation, your likelihood of success and the risks involved. If proceedings seem to have no prospect of success we advise against such action. Otherwise we advise and represent you at every level in the courts. Our consistent approach is guided by the principle: tough but fair. We do not attempt to enforce unjustified claims.

Public administration

We have extensive experience of dealing with the authorities at all administrative levels, both national and international. Success here is determined not just by a knowledge of the law but also by a relationship with the administration founded on mutual respect. As pilots through the administrative jungle, we generally arrive at pragmatic solutions for our clients. Where necessary, we take legal action to defend your rights. Our professional competence and experience are relied upon by companies and private individuals alike, and in many cases also by the authorities themselves.

Notarial services